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Drums: Gary Rosensweig Drum Set Books Series
Reading Rhythms
Drum Notation, Drum Warm-ups, Coordination and Timing. An all-inclusive reading book for drums and percussion. The necessary essentials for learning to read music and applying it to drumset. Order your Drum Books at Drumset Books.com!
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Rudiments and Solos
All the basic drum Rudiments such as the different types of rolls, paradiddles and even advanced drum rudiments such as the Swiss Rudiments and the Cheese Rudiments. Over 60 snare drum solos! Order Drum Books at Drumset Books.com
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Rock, Funk and Blues Drumming
More than 1,000 beats! An impressive collection of drum beats that are hip and up to date for today's playing. Practical applications with the use of simple to linear drumset ideas. Includes drum fills and charts. Order your Drum Books here!
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Jazz Drumming
Coordination, drum styles, solos and independence. This drum book has all the sophistication of your top notch jazz education book combined with a modern approach to teaching drums. Order Drum Books at Drumset Books.com!
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World Rhythms
This drum book spans the globe uncovering a huge variety of rhythms. Learn beats such as the songo, bossa-nova, cha-cha and more. A variety of Latin percussion drum beats as they're applied to drumset. Order your Drum Books here!
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Advanced Rhythms
Cross Rhythms, Drum Soloing, Beat Displacement and Polyrhythms. This is where Gary really shines! A terrific collection of modern beats for drums that will have you in the woodshed for quite some time. Order your Drum Books here!
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Foot Clave
Maintain clave rhythms with your foot while playing Latin and Funk rhythms on the drumset. A very challenging drum book that will have you playing like Horacio Hernandez in no time. Order Drum Books at Drumset Books.com!
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