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Drums: Drum Play Alongs
Drum Set Play-Along Books

Drums Playalongs  

Drum Play Alongs are drum songs that features you as the drummer. At Drum Set Books, we have some of the finest drum play-along Books on the market for drummers and drumset players who want to practice music without the recorded drums getting in the way. The books are accompanied by DVDs or CDs that expand on the material and show you how to groove as "YOU" play the drums. With such styles as Rock, Funk, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Latin and more, there's a Drum Set Play Along Book for every type of drummer!


Available Drum Play-Alongs Books

Timpani Handbook w/ Play-Along CD
Blues Drumming Book w/ CD
Classic Rock Drums Playalong Book/CD
Conga Cookbook Book/CD
Drummer's Guide to Odd Meters Book/CD
Evolution of Blast Beats Book/CD
Funk Drums Play Along Book/CD
Funk / Hip-Hop Drumming Book / CD
Hard Rock Drums Playalong Book/CD
Hendrix Tabs Play-along Book / CD

Modern Worship Play-Along Book/CD

Jazz Standards for Drumset Book/CD
Kick It! Play-Alongs Book/CD
Mastering the Art of Brushes Book/CD
Modern Rock Drums Play-Along Book/CD
Pop/Rock Drums Play-Along Book/CD
Primary Handbook for Mallets w/ CD
Praise & Worship Drumming Book/CD
Rock Drumming Workbook/CD
The Code of Funk Book/CD
Bob Marley Drum Play-Along Book/CD
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